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Carrie Cates- Company Member

Specializing in Acting, Awesomeness

Personal Manifesto

People, process, product. In that order.
Carrie Cates is a Seattle theater deviant with a heart for new works and ensemble-based process. Carrie loves the colossal challenge of building theater from the ground up and believes in contributing to a community that does so with relentless joy, selfless collaboration, and raw honesty, which is why she is proud to be a member of Blood Ensemble. A University of Washington graduate, Carrie has been lucky enough to train with the best, produce and act in original pieces here and abroad (The Grind Show, Best Newcomer, Edinburgh Fringe 2009), and is now embarking on the next chapter working with Blood. Carrie has also enjoyed performing locally with several companies, including Pony World Theatre (Suffering, Inc., Big Story Small), Irrational Robot Bureau (The Dinner), Emerald City Scene (Sister Cities), and The Pilot Episode. Onward!

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