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Dayo Anderson

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Personal Manifesto: Create the Art you want to see.383154_901882288760_1332065121_n



After graduating from Western Washington University with a degree in Theatre Arts, Dayo moved to Seattle with one goal: to do good art. As a self-proclaimed Actor/Director/Producer, she tried her hand at many different jobs theatrically in the theatre scene. She’s been credited as Director, Actor, Tour Manager, Production Manager, Stage Manager, Ensemble Member, and even Playwright. She loved it all but something was missing.

Dayo Anderson

Dayo Anderson

A professor from her alma mater was gathering a group of willing students to learn from The Tectonic Theatre Project (writers of The Laramie Project). The training was an eye opening experience. It suddenly gave a reason behind all of the titles Dayo had been working under. In this process, the creator is required to be a little bit of a director, a little bit of an actor, a little bit of a tour manager etc. Because of this process training, an idea that had been germinating in Dayo’s brain suddenly became a reality.

That idea was the basis for Blood/Sailing, Blood Ensemble’s first show. Upon returning from this training with Emily Harvey and Megan Jackson, the three ladies decided to doBlood/Sailing and see if they had the chops to make it as a theatre company. They launched into an experimental rehearsal process and haven’t looked back. Being able to be all different versions of her artist self has allowed Dayo and Blood Ensemble the ability to really generate meaningful work. And Dayo is proud to say that Blood Ensemble is officially here to stay.

Blood Ensemble is the outlet that Dayo has to create the work that lives inside her imagination in a way she’s never seen before in Seattle theatre. That said? You can still see her on stages throughout Seattle honing her craft, meeting new artists, and hoping to spark a conversation with a stranger about the real reason we are all artists.1426463_10100682274293900_409723706_n


Acting: Gone Wild, The Libertini’s at Annex Theater, The Taming, at ArtsWest, Hamlet, at Ghost Light Theatricals, Nevermore, Blood Ensemble, The American Family, EastWest Project, Wenceslas Square, Cornish College of the Arts

Directing: A Sage of Baba Yaga, Blood Ensemble at Battle of the Bards, Blood/Sailing¸ Blood Ensemble, British Arts Tour, Western Washington University, Songs for a New World, Student Theatre Productions


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