Blood Ensemble

Making Theatre Essential


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Megan Jackson – Co-Artistic Director

Specializing in Acting and Company Management

Personal Manifesto

Theatre is the sport of aggressive curiousity.


Megan wants to make potent, efficient, thriving, vibrant, hit it theatre that invites people to experience the medium as something they don’t simply appreciate or tolerate, but as something that is essential. Since graduating from Western Washington University in 2008 she’s worked as an actor in Seattle and now focuses primarily on creation and performance within Blood Ensemble as a co-artistic director and Pony World Theatre where she is an artistic partner. With an educational emphasis on physical theatre and the devising of new works, she strives to bring something new and reveal it to be necessary through medium melding and collaborative creation. Speaking of collaborative creation, she loves working with the Bloodies…she loves it hard. Acting Credits: Suffering Inc.- Irene (Pony World Theatre), Was Is Will Be Music- Luz (Arts Crush 2010), Pterodactyls- Emma, Macbeth- Lady Macbeth (WWU) Blood/Sailing- The Girl, Nevermore- Valerie (Blood Ensemble)

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