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Adria LaMorticella (Vengeful Slain) – Adria (one of the several WWU alum) is stoked to again be working with such a inspiring group and thankful for those non WWU alum who thrust themselves into this experimental situation. She is also excited to be onstage for the first time with her beau Chris (singer/ guitarist of Smooth Sailing) during his theatre debut.

Andi Norris (Innocent/Costume Designer) – Andi has a difficult time filtering reality from her ideal life. This is most likely caused by a weak polarity between the two. Thus, nothing or everything or something in between is the honest truth. Also known as a high flying cartoon with an affinity for bright. pink. The end.

Brandon Elizaga (Drums) – or “Brando Suave” as he is affectionately known, graduated from The Evergreen State College with a BA in Environmental Analysis. Currently he can be seen brewing up some coffee at Diva Espresso or Pounding it out with his band Smooth Sailing. Brandon enjoys a good Rainier or rye, amazing hugs, the smell of garlic cooking.  Musical Theater is no new thing for Brando, but no past experience has come close to the enjoyment of this project.
Brittni Thoreson (Innocent/Makeup Designer) – When you are an artist, your art is the oxygen you never knew you needed. I didn’t, until I had gone without it for a time, and now I am breathing again. Thank you to the ladies of Blood Ensemble for helping me to breathe easy. Thank you to all the artists I know that sacrifice everyday to do something that they love and enjoy and push others to do the same. Thank you for your support in this original work.” Brittni graduated with a BA in Theatre Arts and Educational Theatre from WWU where she was introduced to the “Moment Work” and Viewpoints. It was also where she met the ladies from Blood Ensemble.
Carrie Cates (Innocent) – Carrie is glad beyond gladness to join Blood Ensemble for this piece. She has a special love for original theater, ego-free collaboration, and working hard to create play, which means this process has been a perfect fit and humbling delight. Thank you to the ladies of Blood, Timmy, fellow onstage artists, and the band. Onward!
Christopher Elizaga (Guitar/Vocals) – Bio coming soon!
Christina Berger (Vengeful Slain) –  Christina Berger is a graduate of Western Washington University, where she double majored in Theatre and Psychology and minored in Anthropology. Christina has a special love for devised and physical theatre, and recently performed at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival with East/West Project’s collaboratively created production, The American Family. She is currently pursuing a master’s degree at Antioch University Seattle with dual concentrations in Drama Therapy and Couple and Family Therapy.

Dayo Anderson (Director) – Dayo is a founding member of Blood Ensemble. Also a WWU grad, Edinburgh Fringe Festival alum, and general experimental theatre fan, she loves supplementing her theatre with the music scene. In general, art is something she finds doesn’t get enough support from society and hopes that the cross pollination of audiences in the music and theatre scenes will open doors for artists to start working together to keep art important. Most of her experience in Seattle has been acting, though is sprinkled with occasional directing credits, box office work, and production management. She prides herself on being a sort of jack of all trades theatrically speaking. Regardless, she knows that this project is a once in a lifetime chance to do something that she believes is worth losing a lot of fucking sleep over.

Emily Harvey (Associate Director/Projection Design) – Emily is a founding member of Blood Ensemble. She’ll do anything to further the art form of theatre. Literally anything.  Thanks to all the artists and Tom!
Previous Directing Credits: Anouilh’s Antigone, Songs for a New World, Macbeth (WWU), Outside of a Horse (Autonomous), Was is Will Be Music (ArtsCrush) AD for reasons to be pretty (ArtsWest) and Oklahoma (5th Avenue). Stage Managed for Fifth Avenue Theatre, Village Theatre, Seattle Children’s Theatre, Contemporary Classics. Upcoming: Poe: a modern psychological thriller (playwright for Blood Ensemble), Paper Bullets (director for Ghost Light Theatricals).
Gabrielle Schutz (Mr. Clementine’s Henchman) – Gabrielle is a Seattle-based Theatre and Dance Artist with a focus on new, physical, contemporary performance. Recent new-work credits include: an original work of choreography (Dissonance) for the 2011 Seattle International Dance Festival, When you Point at the Moon (choreography) a collaboration with Kyle Loven which premiered at the 2011 Northwest New Work Festival and Co-Directing Suffering Inc. (Pony World Theatre) alongside Brendan Healy. Gabrielle is thrilled to add Blood Ensemble to her list of friends and collaborators; thanks to the women of Blood Ensemble who are lovely and inspiring..thank you, more please! *Gabrielle holds a BA in Theatre from Colorado Mesa University, loves horses, hates being cold and is prone to short bursts of violence.

Jake Vice  (Bass) – Jake has been wearing sleeveless shirts and hurting his back in various Seattle bands for years. Theater experience includes playing mandolin in a shower stall in a previous Blood Ensamble production for which he received a rose that still hangs over his nightstand. Jake hopes this show can encourage more varied and collaborative productions between artistic disciplines. Thanks to the actors for being rad and dealing with organ-rumbling bass.

Jordan Melin – (Mr. Clementine) Jordan has been honored to be a part of such an amazing and talented group. He also wants to thank blood ensemble profusely for fulfilling a life long dream he has had since he was 6. Love to friends, family, and Sophia.

Karen Kunkel – (The Vengeful Slain) – Karen has a BA in Theater from WWU! She is now a barista!  She loves working on new plays and experimental theater stuff (like this)! She also super loves to sing–anytime, anywhere, anything! She dabbles in mandolin and baritone uke!  Her goal is to be the rock star version of Mother Theresa!

Megan Jackson (The Girl) – is a founding member and co-artistic director of Blood Ensemble.  Since graduating from Western Washington University in 2008 she’s worked as an actor in Seattle and now focuses primarily on the collaborative creation and performance of new works using physical theatre and devising techniques.  Megan is also an artistic partner at Pony World Theatre.    Acting Credits: Suffering Inc.- Irene (Pony World Theatre), Was Is Will Be Music- Luz (Arts Crush 2010), Pterodactyls- Emma, Macbeth- Lady Macbeth (WWU)

Patrick Oiye (Innocent) – Patrick has found himself in the peculiar position to perform along side fantastic and formidable figures of fringe theatre with friends and perhaps a foe or two, or three. Blood/Sailing is his theatrical debut and most certainly not to be the final. In this era in which we find ourselves either floating amongst the clouds or rooted to the Earth, it is with tremendous enthusiasm he crosses over into the space between. Reaching out a hand to those who wish to join amongst the renegades of a new renaissance.Ryan Adams (Bass) – Ryan Adams is a key bass player of the best band with two bass players in town, Smooth Sailing. Ryan Adams is very excited to be a part of the production Blood/Sailing, and has enjoyed working with all the members of the Blood Ensemble on this project. Ryan Adams’ other interests include: riding motorcycles in the rain, airline frequent flyer programs, and journeyman level cat wrestling.
Ricky Coates (The Boy) – Ricky has been acting in Seattle for almost seven years now, and lately, he has been very interested in ensemble generation. A member of Pony World Theatre, Ricky helped create Suffering Inc. and Big Story Small. He also worked on Snow Queen with theater simple.
After Blood/Sailing, Ricky and Christine Longe will be performing a play they co-created at the Ballard Underground and Edmonton, Canada. Locally, Ricky has performed with Washington Ensemble Theatre (Hunter/Gatherers), Book-It Repertory Theatre (Persuasion), Sound Theatre Company (Troilus and Cressida, Tempest), Wooden O (As You Like It), LiveGirls! (Mud Angel, Quickies), ArtsWest (Beat the Sunset, La Bete), Harlequin (Psychopathia Sexualis), Greenstage (Henry V), and many more.

Samantha Cooper (Innocent) – Actor, Playwright, Theatre Cross-trainer. WWU graduate. By day: coffee-addicted mild-mannered Development Associate at Book-It Repertory Theatre. By night: “starving artist”, perfect happy hour searcher, park hopper, and runner. She has worked with Antioch University (upcoming), NPA, WWU, Seattle Repertory Theatre, Annex Theatre, Idiom Theatre, UW and is delighted to add Blood Ensemble to this list. Thanks ladies!

Timmy Keener (Lighting Design) – Timmy is Smooth Sailing’s very own personal light guy and all around metal enthusiast. If it’s heavy, he wants a piece. With an unsatiated craving to leap back into the theatre world, Timmy has joined the ranks of the Blood/Sailing cast with two metal clenched hands and a guttural “YESSSS!!”  Without a doubt, this is the most excited he has ever been about a project, the culmination of his creative path, the proudest he has ever been. Also, he is a huge fan of cookies and hugs.
Tyler Romo (Guitar)  Tyler was once was compared to Clint Eastwood in the movie Gran Torino, Tyler is a cynical/grumpy jack-of-all trades who has a secret soft side. Tyler is indifferent about this comparison – most importantly, he doesn’t hate it. In his spare time you can find Tyler eating a burrito, famously sneaking off to smoke outside, under the hood of a broken band-van, or if he has time- sleeping. He has no theater experience, but is honored to be involved in Blood Ensemble’s first venture. Shred.

Zach Hewell (Innocent) – Zachary is a stratovolcano in the Cascade Volcanic Arc, as well as an actor, playwright and director. Some favorite past eruptions include Renfield in Dracula, Banquo in Macbeth, Mt. St. Helens in 1980, Geronte in The Doctor in Spite of Himself, and Krakatoa in 1883 (largely thanks to the fantastic children’s novel The Twenty-One Balloons, by W. P. du Bois). Explosive thanks to Blood Ensemble and Smooth Sailing!

ZH ❤ Tahoma, Loowit, and the rest of the Cascade Crew.

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