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July 1st Blood Ensemble Lab!

A what now?

A 6 hour intensive to teach the fundamentals of Moment Work

When is this?

Saturday, June 1st from 12pm to 6:30pm

Who is leading?

Dayo Anderson, Megan Jackson and Emily Harvey will lead the workshop, with help from company members Samantha Coopers, Carrie Cates, Timmy Keener and Jordan Melin

Who will be in attendance?

You! We are opening up this first Lab to 15 people. Please reply to this email as soon as possible!

 How much, though?

$10 cash at door. This is to cover studio rental and snacks.


The theatre at West of Lenin (203 N 36th Street in Fremont)

What should I wear?

Please wear dark neutral solid colors. Black is best, but not necessary. Also, please let it be form fitting. Expose as much skin as you feel comfortable with.

 Can you break down the day?


12-3pm: Fundamentals of Moment work

                        (elements, forms, moments, horizontal, 3 questions, etc)

 3-3:30pm: Break! We provide a snack!

3:30-6:30pm: Full Momenting, with focus on prop

After 6:30pm: Join us for a drink at Outlander!

And, one more time, what the fuck is Moment Work?

Moment Work is a technique created by Moises Kaufman and the Tectonic Theatre Project. Emily, Megan and Dayo learned this in a 3 week worksop and subsequent production directed by Andy Paris. Blood Ensemble used Moment Work as the base of our craft.

We want to create an environment where we lead you through this technique, but where we all learn from each other.

Why should I want to learn Moment Work?


July 12th Theatre Prom!

Blood Ensemble invites you to explore your animal nature on July 12th at 8:00PM for Blood Ensemble Prom 2013: The Safari!!! Help raise funds for the theatre company that loves you back and get wild! Tour the dance floor (if you dare) with your guide DJ Nathan Cox, cool off at the beer and wine filled watering hole, and get up close with the animals at the photo booth. And don’t leave home without your furs and feathers because there WILL be a costume contest!

Tickets bought online are $12 for general admission and $17 for upgraded tickets (includes coat check, a picture at the photo booth, and a beer) and will be $15 and $20 at the door.

Please join us!!

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