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Barn Show Fundraising Kickoff!

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What’s up with Blood Ensemble these days? Let us tell you all about it!

Join us for a kick off party to help up raise a little moolah for our next show because it’s gonna be a big one. Our summer show will place in a BARN in Marysville and will be a unique all inclusive event. The barn’s true history is an amazing one and has inspired us to create a show to celebrate the barn before the owners leave to avoid the impending WalMart which is moving in across the street.

So come hang out and drink and snack and shmooze and chill and dance and be merry and we’ll tell you the story! We will be asking a $5 suggested donation at the door and there will of course other opportunities for you to donate if you feel so inclined. Get in on the buy in poker table, listen to some kick ass live music, and get stoked about our new show along with us!

Oh yeah. And it’s cowboy themed. Duh.

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