Blood Ensemble

Making Theatre Essential

The Ensemble

Artistic Directors

Megan Jackson 
Personal ManifestoTheatre is the sport of aggressive curiosity.

Dayo Anderson 
Personal Manifesto: Create the Art you want to see.

Emily Harvey 
Personal Manifesto: Leap before you look.

Company Members

Carrie Cates
Personal Manifesto: People, process, product. In that order.

Timmy Keener

Adria LaMorticella
Personal Manifesto: Strive to create theatre inspiring enough to compel others to create art themselves.

Zachary Hewell
Personal Manifesto: Ingenuity Always

Associate Members

Jake Vice

Former Members

T’ai Hartley

Gabrielle Schutz

Jordan Melin

Samantha Cooper

Personal Manifesto: To simply live in the world is not enough. We must use art in order to change it and to thrive in it.