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“NDGM” Cast and Crew Bios

Jethro…   David S. Klein
Spek… Pearl Klein
Tille… Christina Alexander
Frisbee… Carrie Cates*
Baile… Henry James Walker

Director… Emily Harvey*
Playwright… Zachary Hewell*
Dramaturg… Annie Paladino
Costume Designer… Adria LaMorticella*
Sound Designer… Dana Amromin
Makeup Designer… Megan Jackson*
*a member of Blood Ensemble, and their bios are available on the Ensemble page.



Christina Alexander (Tille) – Christina is a graduate of Western Washington University, where she double majored in Theatre and Psychology and minored in Anthropology. Christina has a special love for devised and physical theatre. Some favorite collaboratively created productions include East/West Project’s The American Family at Edinburgh Fringe Festival, cheat at WWU, Blood Ensemble’s Blood/Sailing, and Blood Ensemble’s Barn Show. She recently earned a master’s degree at Antioch University Seattle with dual concentrations in Drama Therapy and Couple and Family Therapy.




 Carrie Cates (Frisbee) – Carrie is a member of Blood Ensemble, and you can learn more about her on her Ensemble page.

UntitledDavid S Klein (Jethro)  – David started out his acting career in 1969 doing experimental theater in Boston for 8 years. He continued that work running a small touring theater in rural New Hampshire and Vermont, which specialized in gender-swapped roles (in children’s stories, for instance, our heroes were usually played by women). Since moving to Seattle in 1985, he’s generally done more conventional stuff, working in most of our larger theaters as well as lots of smaller ones, including many that no longer exist, like Pioneer Square and the Group. He was also a founding member of Book-It.  So he is very pleased to get back to his experimental, improv-based roots with NDGM, and has had a terrific time as part of this dedicated group, learning about “moment work” as a development tool.  Now he’s looking forward to seeing how this particular adventure plays out in performance, and what our audience’s reactions will be to this strong material.

Pearl Klein (Spek) – Pearl is a woman to be reckoned with, being sharp of mind and quick of wit. She puts these skills to use in her work helping online entrepreneurs express the voice of their business at Favorite roles include the character Astrid in Barn Show, marketing maven for Pony World Theatre, and female head of household to 3 humans who love playing games.






Henry James Walker (Baile) – Henry is ecstatic to be working with Ghost Light and Blood Ensemble members in creatingNDGM. A recent graduate of Western Washington University with a BA in Theatre Arts, Henry now resides in Seattle where he continues to stretch his collaborative theatre muscles. He is currently working with local Seattle actors forming a Commedia Dell’Arte troupe who plan to perform around Seattle parks and stages throughout the Spring and Summer of 2015 (the troupe will be doing a short show on November 2nd. Most recently, Henry was seen as Basque and Dubois in Sound Theatre Company’s production of School for Lies. Past favorite projects include: Soapbox: a devised piece, Twelfth Night, James’ Castle: a devised piece, Pagliacci, and Tartuffe, as well as various Commedia performances and leading workshops. Henry has given several talks around the Puget Sound area about his experiences walking the Camino de Santiago—a 500+ mile journey on foot through Northern Spain—in September/October 2013; he is developing a solo performance piece about his physical, emotional, and spiritual journey along the Way.

Henry will be attending the Dell’Arte International School for Physical Theatre in the fall 2015 where he hopes to gain a much deeper understanding of physical performance, clowning, and the workings of collaborative theatre. He hopes to one day create quality performance through the physical, comedic world of clown as well as theatre for social change. He’d like to thank Anis Mojgani, Bill Waterson, Lauryn Hill, and Gilly the kitten for their unwavering support.




Dana Amromin (Sound Designer) – A native of Los Angeles by some accident of birth, Dana is proud to call the Pacific Northwest home since Spring of 2013. With a background in performance and directing, and a borderline unhealthy obsession with good design, Dana – also a borderline technophobe – haphazardly took the sound design reigns on Blood Ensemble’s The Saga of Baba Yaga this past winter and fell in love with the process. Since then, Dana has designed sound for Blood Ensemble’s Barn Show and NDGM, and will be designing for A Gogolplex at Ghost Light Theatricals in 2015.

By day, while she’s dreaming up soundscapes in the windmills of her mind, she’s also putting her pastry degree to good use – running the Creamery at Cupcake Royale. Churning out the hits!


Emily Harvey (director) – Emily is a Blood Ensemble member and you can learn more about her on her Ensemble page.


Zachary Hewell (playwright) – Zachary is a Blood Ensemble member and you can learn more about him on his Ensemble page.


Megan Jackson (makeup designer) – Megan is a Blood Ensemble member and you can learn more about her on her Ensemble page.


Adria LaMorticella (Costume Designer) – Adria is a Blood Ensemble Company Member and you can learn more about her on her Ensemble page.

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