Blood Ensemble

Making Theatre Essential

Who We Are

Blood Ensemble (BE) is an experimental theatre company based in Seattle. Previous shows include Blood/Sailing (created with local heavy metal band Smooth Sailing) and Nevermore, 30 Hours: Don’t Grow Up It’s a Trap and most recently The Saga of Baba Yaga ( for Ghost Light Theatricals Battle of the Bards).

Using Moment Work, in conjunction with a background in experimental forms, BE strives to give audiences an experience that makes theatre essential.  We want to make this work accessible for all artists. Teaching moment work is like opening a door that most artists have walked by every day of their career and shoving them over the threshold.

We are also a fun group of people

Moment Work: Developed by the Tectonic Theatre Project (Laramie Project, 33 Variations) Moment Work is a methodology for developing, analyzing and re-imagining theatre. Moment Work encourages participants to actively engage with the elements of the stage, enfranchising writers, actors, designers, and directors to collaborate in compelling and theatrical storytelling that stretches their creative capacity.
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Moment work  helps any artist build a work from a non-traditional starting point. With an emphasis on upending the radical tyranny of the written word and a focus on true collaboration Blood Ensemble specializes in creating performances that start with an image (visual, musical, textual, etc.) and blossom from there.
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The structure for creation is fluid and welcomes all processes from all walks of art.  If you are a painter and know you want to do a painting about family, we can help. If you’re a playwright and know you want to write a play about Obama, we can help. If you’re a dancer and want to know what your dance says to people, we can help.
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If you’re an artist and you just want to play? We can help. We offer workshops and open rehearsals that will help all involved by learning different ways of creating while finding a through line that is pertinent to any particular project.